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Global Game Jam 2016

For our game, we decided to achieve the following:

  • learn about the networking aspects of the Unity Engine
  • have our 4 year old create some of artwork
  • use some procedural generation to randomize the levels

We achieved most of that. But the networking aspect has some faults.


Someone has uttered the fatal words that a thespian avoids. The curse of The Scottish Play is at work. Please the witches by bringing them the requested items before your "friends" and you MAY be saved.


Single or Multiplayer with Unity Matchmaker or LAN Our first experiment with making a multiplayer, which proved to have a great learning curve for us. The host/server player will experience the game a little better, but both players can run around the level, look for items, and deliver them to the Cauldron.

Player 1: Select LAN Host to start a new game.
Player 2: Select LAN Client after entering the correct IP Address.
OR Create a Matchmaker room and join it.
Use arrow keys to move around. Use space bar to search for an item or place one in the Cauldron.


Antony Baca (programming)
Cortney Baca (art/audio)
Eon Baca (art)


You shouldn't have said that! But you did. You know that play is cursed! You can say anything you want BUT that. You can say "The Scottish Lord" or "The Scottish Lady" or "The Scottish Play" You can talk about Mack or MacB or Old MacDonald, but you cannot. Say. That. Do you know what happens now? Well now we're totally cursed. Yep. Thanks for that. And we'll have to spin in three circles and spit over our shoulders and recite all these lines. It throws a rehearsal off by half an hour, easily. Actors have DIED over this. Theatres have burned! Shakespeare himself suffered from the curse. And you! Flippant you. Well, now we're just going to have to fix this. And fast. Oh great, that's new. What? Yes, I think I'd remember if I put three witches and a cauldron and some sort of magic bubbly smoke stuff on the stage, don't you? They don't look too friendly. We better get them what they want! I'm not trying to end up smashed by a falling light or caught in the ribs by a dagger today."


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